Eagles Eye Recruitment Security Center

At Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd, we’re committed to providing a market-leading online recruitment experience without compromising on security. 

On this page, you’ll find advice and information about some of the most common security risks on the web, information on the steps we take to ensure your account is secure, and details of what to do if you’re concerned about the security of your account. 

Account security advice 

Online security risks can be minimised simply by ensuring that your password is always kept secure. We recommend you follow the password security advice below: 

  • Always use a password which is personal and does not contain your company name, email address or the word ‘password’ 
  • Ensure your password contains both letters and numbers 
  • Never give your password out to anyone – we will never ask you for your password 
  • Change your password at least once every three months 
  • Take a moment to memorise your password so you don’t need to write it down 
  • When someone leaves your organisation, always change your password 
  • Try and use a different password for each job board you work with 

Common Security risks 

  • Phishing: Phishing emails are an increasingly common method used to try and gain access to your sign in details. Typically, a phishing email will claim to have been sent by a reputable organisation – such as Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd – and ask that you respond to the email with your username and/or password or that you enter your sign in details over a ‘secure’ connection. While phishing emails can seem very professional, there are usually a number of clues to alert you to the fraudulent nature of the emails. When reading an email claiming to be sent from Eagles Eye Recruitment, you should always keep the following questions in mind: 
  1. Are you being asked to provide your password? Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd will never ask you to provide your password in response to an email or phone call. 
  2. Are there spelling and grammar mistakes in the email? Phishing emails often contain spelling and grammar mistakes. 
  3. Are you being asked to download something? If you don’t recognise a file, don’t download it. All Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd account details are stored online, so we will never ask you to download anything to use the service. 
  4. Are you being threatened with losing access to your account? Phishing emails sometimes make it seem like you will lose access to your account unless you download something or provide your sign in details. Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd will never ask you to do anything like this in order to keep your account open. If you are suspicious of any email you receive from Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd, please contact us with the subject line of the email, and the email address it was sent from. 
  • Hacking: ‘Hacking’ occurs when a scammer has obtained the username and password for an account and uses those details to gain fraudulent access to that account. If your account has been subject to hacking, you may notice some unusual changes the next time you sign in. For example: 
  1. You see the message ‘You have reached your daily limit for profile/CV access’ despite not accessing a large number of CVs 
  2. You have fewer credits available on your account than you should have 
  3. There are jobs on your account which you do not recognise 
  4. If you notice anything unusual on your Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd account, please contact us and we will investigate. 
  • Spoofing: ‘Spoofing’ occurs when an individual creates an exact copy of a website in order to make a fraudulent company look legitimate. A spoofed website will usually look exactly the same as the website of a legitimate company, but with a slightly different URL (e.g., ‘.biz’ instead of ‘.co’). If you suspect that your website has been spoofed, you should contact the police. 

Security monitoring 

  • At Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd, your security is paramount, and we constantly monitor recruiter accounts to ensure that your data remains secure. Some of the measures we take to protect your security include: 
  • IP Logging: We log every IP address used to access accounts, post jobs and search CVs on Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd.co.uk, and are alerted quickly to any unusual activity. 
  • CV Search access tracking: We track all CV Search usage on Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd.co.uk and are alerted immediately to any unusual access. 
  • Monitoring of scam forums and candidate feedback: We stay alert to online scam forums and immediately investigate feedback from candidates relating to fraudulent contact. 
  • As soon as we’re alerted to any unusual or suspicious activity, we will take steps to inform recruiters and candidates who may be affected, and to ensure the security of any recruiter accounts which may have been put at risk of compromise. 

Contact us 

If you have any concerns or suspicions regarding the security of your Eagles Eye Recruitment Ltd account, you can contact our dedicated security team using the contact us link on the website and selecting ‘feedback’. We will endeavour to reply to all contact within one working day.